Most Important Idioms For PPSC,FPSC Jobs

Important Idioms

Most Important Idioms For PPSC  Jobs





A white elephant



Too costly to be worth maintaining

A black sheep



That member who is thought to be disgrace to the other members of it./ good for nothing

A bosom friend



A close and dear friend and went everywhere together

A brown study



A state of mental absorption To leave one in time of

To leave one on lurch



To leave one in time of


To eat a humble pie



To yield to a very humiliating postions

To stand on the ceremony



To be formal

To monkey with



To play with something, to tinker.

To hit the nail on the head


To be specific, to be focused


To make a clean breast of



to tell the truth,To admit,to speak openly,

To win laurels



To acquire distinction

To cast a slur upon



To bring into dispute

To cut a sorry figure



To make oneself ridiculous

To turn a new leaf



To change better

To get rid of



To escape from something

To put two and two together



 To draw conclusion from certain circumstances

To throw cold water on



To discourage

To look down upon



To see something with hate

To come to pass



Occur, happen

To pull a long face



To look sad

To fight tooth and nail



To fight with all means

To fight shy of



Be reluctant to

To follow suit



To imitate

To turn turtle



To turn upside down

To sow one’s wild oats




To give vent to



To express

To go hand in the hand



to accompany each other

To sleep through one’s finger


To escape narrowly

To pay one back in the same stead


To treat same person in same way in which he treated me

To sallow the bait



To be tempted

To get into the hot water



To get into troule

To add fuel to the fire



To incite

To beggar description



To describe in detail someting

To burn the candle



To work late at night

To die in the harness



To die on duty

To fan the flames



To incite

To keep up appearance



To maintain the outward appearance

To be taken aback



To be surprised

To have fly in ones bonnet



To be mischievous

To bury the hachet



To end a conflict

Pay off old scores



To settle old enmity

To have an axe to grind



To have one’s own interest

To end in the smoke



To be failed

To curry favour



To get someone’s help by coaxing

To blow ones own trumpet

To end in fiasco



To indulge in one’s own praise

To end in conflict

To burn ones finger



To get into trouble

To turn deaf ear to



To ignore

To nip something

In the bud


To end something at roots

Hold water



To be effective

To keep an arm’s length



To keep someone at a bay

Tongue in cheek



To be insincere

A necessary evil


An evil cannot be avoided



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