Most Important General Knowledge 2023 and FPSC Past MCQs

Most Important General Knowledge 2023 and FPSC Past MCQs

Most Important General Knowledge 2023 and FPSC Past MCQs

Q1: Which of the following countries has the largest area in the World?


Q2: Which of the following continents has the lowest Population

growth rate? (South America)

Q3: Horticulture is the

(Cultivation of flowers and Fruits)

Q4: A Country which has no Coastline is called?

(Landlocked Country)

Q5: Dasht e Lut Desert is located in?


Q6: Which of the following Mountain Separate Asia from Europe?

(The  Ural Mountains)

Q7: Day and Night Change due to?

(Earth’s rotation on its axis)

Q8: The Energy Generation in Stars are due to?

 (Fusion of heavy Nuclei)

Q9: Formosa is an Old name of?


Q10: Pakistan Purchased Gwadar from?


Q11: Johannes Gutenberg is known for his invention of?

(Printing  Press)

Q12: London is situated on the Bank River of? (Thames)

Q13: The Largest Ocean of the World is? (Pacific Ocean)

Q14: Which of the following sea Separates Asia from Africa? (Red Sea)

Q15: Baglihar Dam is constructed in Indian Occupied Kashmir on River


Q16: Pakistan Peacekeeping forces served under UN for the first time  in? (Congo)

Q17: The Smallest Country in Central Asia is? (Tajikistan)

Q18: Who advocated the theory of Laissez-faire? (Adam Smith)

Q19: Which of the following country has the largest number of  Airports? (USA)

Q20: Easy Jet is the Airline of? (UK)

Which god of Indus Valley People worshiped? (Mother goddess)

Q22: For which Mughal Emperor Peacock throne were made

 (Shah  Jahan)

Q23: Who started first Joint Stock Company to trade with India?


Q24: Who set up chain of Justice to redress grievances? (Jahangir)

Q25: What was the real name of Sher Shah Soori? (Farid)

Q26: Who wrote Humayun Nama? ( Gulbadan Begum)

Q27: Who was the first President of All India Muslim league?

(Sir Agha  Khan)

Q28: Which color was commonly used in Harrapan Pottery? (Red)

Q29: In which period Gandhar School of Art was established?


Q30: Who was the first Vice President of Pakistan? (Noor ul Amin)

Q31: What was the name of US Ambassador died with Zia ul Haq in a

Plane Crash? (R. Arnold)

Q32: Who convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiracy 1951?

(Faiz Ahmed  Faiz)

Q33: Which of the following Chief Minister dismissed on the issue of

One Unit in 1954? (CM Sindh)

Q35: Where is Wazir Khan Mosque? (Lahore)

Q36: What is “Karez” ? (Underground Water System)

Q37: “SUPARCO” Stands for? (Space and Upper Atmosphere Research  Commission)

Q38: GT Road Stands for? (Grand Trunk Road)

Q39: Script of Indus Valley Civilization was written in? (Dravidian  language)

Q40: “Great Bath refers to? (Moen Jo Daro)

What was the real name of Sindhi Poet “Ustad Bukhari” (Syed Ahmed  Shah)

Q42: Which of the following mountain range Separates Pakistan from

Afghanistan? (Hindukash)

Q43: What is the other name of Ghulam Muhammad Barrage? (Kotri  Barrage)

Q44: What is the actual length of Indus River? (3180 or 3200 km)

Q45: Indus River Rises from Which place? (Tibet, China)

Q46: Which of the following Day is observed as “Pakistan Day”

 (23rd March)

Q47: How does Dolphin perceives its environment by the Sense of?

(Sight and Sound)

Q48: Which of the following normally warms up faster when heat is

applied? (Water, Iron, Glass, Wood)

Q49: Why Monoxide is toxic?

(Because it blocks transport of blood to  the Brain)

Q50: Which of the following is the most abundant Element in Human  Body? (Oxygen)

Q51: Which is the most abundant mineral in Human Body? (Calcium)

Q52: What is Mineral?

(A solid inorganic compound that contains one  or more metals)

Q53: In which of the following form does Tape Recorder records  Sound? (Magnetic field on the Tape)

Q54: The Air Bubble in water may act like a (Concave Lens)

Q55: In which of the following Object, the Light waves can travel  through? (Perfect Vacuum)

Q56: During Change of State the Temperature? (Remains Constant)

Q57: Which of the following Vitamin deficiency leads to Night  Blindness? (Vitamin A)

Q58: The Sun is a? (Star)

Q59: Which of the following is the Abundant Element in the Universe?


Q60: Which of the following Element is known as Dry Ice? (Solid Co2)

Q61: Which of the following Colors are Primary Colors? (Red-Yellow[1]Blue )

Q62: Which of the following Primary Colors of Television? (Red Green[1]Blue)

Q63: The Study of Meteorology? (Atmosphere)

Q64: Where is the Headquarter of FATF? (Paris, France)

Q65: Which of the following country to offer Permanent residency to

non-citizen? (Qatar)

Q66: The Panama Canal connects; (Atlantic Ocean with Pacific Ocean)

Q67: What is Subway? (Underground transport Service)

Q68: Which of the following is the largest populated Metropolitan area  in the USA? (New York)

Q69: What is the New Name of Holland? (Netherlands)

Q70: Which place is known as the “Land of Mountains”? (Nepal)

Q71: What is the Old name of Bin Qasim (Sea Port)? (Pepri)

Q72: “Waterloo” is present in? (Belgium)

Q73: Tiananmen Square is located in? (Beijing China)

Q74: Which of the following Country is the greatest Archipelago on the

globe? (Indonesia)

Q75: Where is the Headquarter of ECO? (Tehran, Iran)

Q76: What was the name of NASA Astronaut who returned home after  288 Days from Space? (Peggy Whitson)

Q77: Which of the following country has No Armed Forces? (Iceland)

Q78: Which of the following is the Highest Rank of Pakistan Air Force?

(Air Chief Marshal)

Q79: Which place has the largest reserves of Coal in Pakistan?

(TharParkar Division)

Q80: Which is the largest gas field in Pakistan? (The Sui Gas Field)

Q81: Bari Doab lies between which two rivers? (SPSC) (Ravi & Sutlej)

Q82: Choose the correct Analogy of. (Horse: Board: Train: Mount)  (SPSC)

Q83: Choose the correct Analogy of “Junket: Junk: Trash: Trip (SPSC)

Q84: Choose the Synonym of Probity? (Honest) (SPSC)

Q85: Choose the correct meaning of Idiom “Bag and Baggage” (With all

one’s belonging) (SPSC)

Q86: Choose the correct one word substitution: A person who believes

in or tries to bring about a state of lawlessness. (Cacographer,  Chauvinist, Amateur, (Anarchist) (SPSC)

Q87: Which is the smallest Unit of Data? (SPSC) (Bit)

Q88: Choose the correct antonym “Partisan” (Unbiased) (SPSC)

Q89: What is the name of Greek Goddess of Victory? (SPSC) (Nike)

Q90: What is the Area of Sindh Province) (SPSC) (140,915 Sq km)

Q91: New Zealand located in Continent of? (SPSC) (Australia)

Q92: Choose the Synonym of “Anomaly” (SPSC) (Irregularity)

Q93: Wall Street is situated in? (SPSC) (New York)

Q94: Choose the correct one word Substitution “A person who is  deliberately sets fire to building “(SPSC) (Arsonist)

Q95: Choose the correct meaning of an idiom “LEAN and Mean”  (SPSC) (Using only what is necessary)

Q96: Choose the correct Antonym of “Discrepancy” (SPSC) (Harmony)

Q97: Marco Polo International Airport is the name of an Airport in  which Major City? (SPSC) (Venice)

Q98: The Headquarter of International Organization is in? (SPSC)


Q99: The Noor Mehal is located in? (SPSC) (Bahawalpur)

Q100: Which foreign Airline started its service for Pakistan on 11th December, 2020? (SPSC) (Virgin Atlantic)

Q101: Great Philosopher Socrates belongs to? (SPSC) (Greece)

Q102: Kartarpur is located in which of the following District? (SPSC)  (District Narowal)

Q103: Pakistan is ___________ hours ahead of GMT? (SPSC) (+5)

Q104: What is the name of Russian Currency? (SPSC) (Ruble)

Q105: Coast line of Pakistan is about_____ km? (SPSC) (990km)

Q106: Kyoto Protocol is related to? (SPSC) (Climate Change)

Q107: Badhahai Mosque is in Lahore made by? (SPSC) (Aurangzeb  Alamgir)

Q108: Choose the correct Analogy of? (SPSC) “Native: Aboriginal::  Naive: (Unsophisticated)

Q109: Central Mohammadan Association was founded by? (SPSC)  (Syed Ameer Ali)

Q110: The Old name of Jacobabad was? (SPSC) (Khanger)

Q111: HTML is an Abbreviation for  (SPSC) (Hypertext Markup  Language)

Q112: A computer cannot “Boot” if it does not have the? (SPSC)  (Operating System)

Q113: Capital of Bhutan is? (SPSC) (Thimphu)

Q114: Choose the correct meaning of an idiom “By leaps and bounds”

(SPSC) (Rapid Progress/Very Fast)

Q115: Choose the Antonym of “Enigma”? (SPSC) (Clarity)

Q116: The test of an Atom Bomb of Pakistan was conducted at? (SPSC)  (Chagi)

Q117: The Fall of East Pakistan was on? (SPSC) (16th Dec, 1971)

Q118: CEO of Google is? (SPSC) (Sunder Pichai)

Q119: Choose the Synonym of “Abstruse” (SPSC) (Deep)

Q120: Choose the correct meaning of an idiom “A cock and bull Story”

(SPSC) (An unbelievable tale)

Q121: Choose the correct one word Substitution “One who is not sure  about God existence” (SPSC) (Agnostic)

Q122: Choose the correct one word substitution “A critical judge of any  art and craft” (SPSC) (Knowledge)

Q123: Choose the Antonym of “Disdain” (SPSC) (Respect))

Q124: URL Stands for? (SPSC) (Uniform Resource Locator)

Q125: Urine is produced in? (SPSC) (Kidneys)

Q126: Which city connects two continents? (SPSC) (Istanbul)

Q127: Which Country’s Prime Minister recently gave birth to a Child?

(SPSC) (New Zealand)

Q128: Antonio GutiĆ©rrez is the Current Secretary General of UNO, was  also former? (SPSC)) (Prime Minister of Portugal)

Q129: Highest Individual Score (172 in 76 balls) in T20 International by

which Batsman? (SPSC) (Aron Finch)

Q130: Tooth Decay is caused by? (SPSC) (Sugar)

Q131: During winter in cold countries, the __________ is mixed to melt

the ice on the icy roads (SPSC) (Salt)

Q132: What is the function of locks in Panama Canal? (SPSC) (Raising  the level of water)

Q133: Dry ice refers to? (SPSC) (Carbon Dioxide)

Q134: Choose the correct Antonym of “Cajole” (SPSC) (Dissuade)

Q135: The lake Saiful Malook lies in the? (SPSC) (Karakorum Range)

Q136: If there is an abrupt pause in the thought the Punctuation mark

used is? (SPSC) (Semicolon)

Q137: Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP) was built with the help

of? (SPSC) (Canada)

Q138: The Mangla Dam lies on_____River? (SPSC) (Jehlum)

Q139: Dialysis is used for people with defective kidneys, it involves the  process of? (SPSC) (Osmosis)

Q140: The Pedagogy is the Study of? (SPSC) (Teaching Methods)

Q141: The Story books which my teacher__________, ____________

very interesting. (FPSC) (Gave, were).

Q142: It ____________ useless to persuade a stubborn man. (FPSC) (is)

Q143: While __________ in the garden, he ___________ a small box.

(FPSC) (Digging, found)

Q144: The travelers __________ the beautiful scenery as they _________

their way through the country. (FPSC) (Enjoyed, made)

Q145: __________through an old album, Alia _______ by some of the

Photographers. (FPSC) (Looking, was amused)

Q146: He seems to be quiet ignorant ______ the Facts. (FPSC) (of)

Q147: The case has been delayed because we have no access

___________ the relevant data. (FPSC) (To)

Q148: We must adhere _________ our noble traditions. (FPSC) (to)

Q149: Even his opponents admit that he is endowed _______ rare  talents. (FPSC) (With)

Q150: I laughed _______ him __________ making a silly mistake. (FPSC)  (at, for )

Q151: Light waves can be polarized because they are? (FPSC)  (Transverse in Nature)

Q152: In which of the following country both Microscope and  Telescope were invented? (FPSC) (Dutch/ Holland)

Q153: What is the unit of luminous efficiency of Electric Bulb? (FPSC)  (Lumen/Watt)

Q154: OLED stands for? (FPSC) (Omitting light emitting diodes)

Q155: Which Indian leader was expelled from BJP after writing Book  on Jinnah?

 (FPSC) (Jaswat Singh)

Q156: In 2002, East Timor got independence from?

(FPSC) (Indonesia)

Q157: Through Brexit, British voted to withdrawn from?

 (FPSC) (European Union)

Q158: President Donald Trump declared US withdrawn from?


Q159: SAARC Secretariat is based in?

(FPSC) (Katmandu)

Q160: CASA-1000 Project is related to?

 (FPSC) (Power Transmission)

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